We invest in, build, and nurture great companies the right way – since 1961.


We are a leading, top-performing investment firm that identifies and creates value for our stakeholders. We invest capital and resources to build businesses that create long-term value and strengthen the economy and their communities.

Core values

Do the right thing | We are company-focused and believe in taking care of our companies like we will own them forever. We operate with high integrity and a long-term focus on creating sustainable value.

Will to win | We are driven to win as a team, setting high standards, and striving for excellence in all that we do. We are passionate, determined, and focused on results.

Be different, be smarter | We see things differently – approaching opportunities with curiosity, looking for possibilities, and defining a vision for success.

Make a difference | We are action-oriented leaders who strive to inspire others and make a positive impact in all that we do. With approachability and versatility, we work in collaboration with our companies and investment partners to create long-term value.

Succeed together | We are committed to our employees and being a high performance organization with a culture of success and teamwork.