Clint Jones, Co-founder and CEO of GoHealth | The NEP team provided us with strategic insight and shared our long-term vision to help us create successful outcomes. NEP worked side-by-side with us to build GoHealth into a stronger company and position us for a successful sale to Centerbridge.

Chip Hawkins, Wahoo Fitness | We are excited to work with an investment partner like NEP. Our partnership with NEP is a direct reflection of the success we have built to date, and we are excited for the opportunities that lie ahead with their team by our side. We are confident our partnership with NEP will help us achieve our next phase of growth.

Matt Gold, Christy Sports | The entire Christy Sports team valued and enjoyed our time with NEP. In addition to capital resources, the NEP team provided us strong and steady support with guidance and partnership to realize our growth opportunities. NEP understood our culture and that we are both a profitable business and caring enterprise. They have been true partners in every sense of the word.

Mark Moussa, Arteriors | After 30-plus years as a founder-owned business, our entire team is excited for our investment partnership with NEP which will help us prioritize and resource our strategic initiatives and provide capital for growth. Providing superior service and value to our customers will remain our top priority as will our efforts to launch new and innovative, design-driven products. I have never been more excited about our prospects for growth and the future.

Jeff Gau, Marco | Marco was a very successful 100% employee-owned technology services company with a track record of taking good care of its employees and clients since 1973. Our success meant that we had a lot of options for buyers, but we chose NEP because of its strong portfolio and similar values. When we sold our firm to NEP, we knew it would go well, but the transition has gone even better than anticipated. We’ve always set the bar high and with NEP’s expertise and resources, we will accelerate our growth and national expansion. It is a great partnership with a lot of potential.

Chuck Kelly, Movati Athletic | As our business grew we knew we needed a partner who could not only provide the financial support and business acumen to help take us to the next level, but also one who shared the passion and cultural values that created Movati Athletic and would help grow it even more for the future. We searched many potential investment partners, but after meeting the NEP team we knew we had found the right fit for our company. Since we joined the NEP family of portfolio companies, NEP has helped Movati build an incredible team of professionals and provided financing expertise that has quickly advanced us to the next level. NEP’s steady guidance and shared belief in our vision and passion for the fitness business has made this partnership thrive, and we are excited for more to come.

Mike Hollenstein, eyebobs | NEP has proven to be an incredible partner who focuses on creating real value built over time, not overnight. Simply said, the NEP team trusts our team to build the strategy and execute the plan with thoughtful and supportive oversite. Our team has benefited greatly from the resources that exist within the NEP team, including the operating partners who provide diverse expertise in all critical areas in our business, from strategy to customer experience. There is no doubt that the decision to partner with NEP will allow us to realize the true potential of our brand.

Smith Yewell, Welocalize | True partnership built upon trust, aligned values and shared drive to build an insanely great company together; this is what it is like to work with NEP.

Monty Bayer, Actagro | Being a part of the NEP family of portfolio companies has been a natural fit for us. The NEP team provided us with strategic insight and robust resources, and they shared our long-term vision to help us create successful outcomes. NEP worked side-by-side with us to build Actagro into a stronger company and position us for a successful sale to Nutrien. We couldn’t have asked for a better investment partner. The experience the NEP team has across all facets of the business truly adds value and creates a collaborative work environment unique to the private equity industry.

Nathan Hanson, Apothecary Products | Being a NEP portfolio company is a partnership that helps any executive team build a great company. While there are many smart private equity firms that can provide financial backing, you would be hard pressed to find one that operates as a true partner better than NEP. Strategically and intellectually outstanding, NEP balances long-term perspective and strategic curiosity with the right amount of tactical challenge. They are always supportive and respectful of the CEO’s role with unwavering integrity. They are what any CEO needs to build a great company and become greater personally as an executive leader.

Sy Cohen, Stanton Carpet Corporation | NEP has been a true partner to the Stanton team, sharing their tremendous family business and distribution industry experience, while also helping to align our Company with the right resources to help us grow and outperform expectations. We thoroughly appreciated NEP’s guidance and partnership.

Ron Konezny, PeopleNet | Our partnership with NEP was an integral part of our success. The combination of investment capital, operating partner resources, industry knowledge, and strategic direction collectively helped PeopleNet to consistently achieve growth initiatives and provide unmatched technology solutions for our customers.

Virg Lindstrom, Lindstrom Metric | From all aspects, NEP was a great partner for our family-owned company. In addition to their capital helping to accelerate our growth, NEP provided investment expertise, operational insights, and broad and deep perspective in the logistics and distribution sector. Joining the NEP family of portfolio companies was a natural fit for Lindstrom as we transitioned to our first private equity partner.

Roger Arciniega, Momentum Group | NEP was a true partner to the Momentum team, providing an insightful balance of challenge, support and latitude enabling us to consistently outperform expectations. Long‐term mutually beneficial relations are at the core of NEP success, and there is no question that NEP is one of the very best at what they do.

Bahram Akradi, Life Time Fitness | As a fast-growing, entrepreneurial company, NEP’s partnership was incredibly essential and valuable, helping us to establish critical disciplines that were necessary for our young company and even more so as we grew much larger. Along the way, it became even clearer just how great of a partner NEP was to Life Time during those times when we faced challenges that many growing companies encounter. They were there, they were committed, and they were tremendously helpful. Ultimately, they were the perfect partner in helping Life Time transition to its next era as a public company. I could never have asked for or imagined a better partner.

Peter Innes, Becker Underwood | From guidance on both organic and acquisitive growth strategies, operational insights, and the commitment of capital and global resources, NEP helped build us into a global leader and provider of innovative, biological solutions for a wide array of crops across multiple geographies. The firm has been instrumental to our success and helped position us for our successful sale to BASF. We tremendously value our partnership with NEP.

Jay Ward, Minnesota Rubber & Plastics | NEP can feel really proud of what they’ve done with our company. They’re a patient operator who wanted to create a strong basis for growth. That takes time, and they were patient about it. They were able to build a team that was able to do that. Their legacy here will be creating that foundation, then helping build a culture and putting a team in place that gets things done.

Mark Kutoff, Gopher Resource | Joining the NEP family of portfolio companies was a natural fit for us. Our culture of putting customers and employees first remained unchanged during the duration of our partnership with NEP, and that was very important to us. From all aspects, NEP was a great partner for our family-owned company.

Bob Marko, Bailiwick | We believe we can grow and innovate in more dynamic ways with the right financial partner. This is the first time in our history that we are partnering with an investor to help us accomplish this vision, and we could not be more thrilled to be doing so with NEP. Our partnership agreement is a direct reflection of the strength of our team and the business we have built, and we are excited to further accelerate our ideas for servicing customers with NEP by our side.

Bob Rasberry, West Star Aviation | In terms of an investment partner, we wanted a partner who cared, understood, and realized the value of our company’s culture – the NEP team understands our company way beyond the numbers. NEP has a unique, differentiated approach and good leadership. They listen well and through good or bad, NEP is trustworthy and keeps their word. They truly stood out from the others because they were easy to talk to and they are undoubtedly not a typical PE firm.