Chicago, Illinois

Investment Date:
June 2012

Exit Date:
June 2022


GoHealth has established itself as an influential technology leader in the health insurance industry and is the nation’s leading health insurance marketplace. GoHealth offers solutions to not only individual consumers looking to purchase healthcare but also independent agents looking to sell policies, as well as carriers looking to acquire members more efficiently.

NEP first invested in GoHealth in 2012 and saw an opportunity to invest in an industry leader and innovator in health insurance technology. NEP took a minority position in the company and partnered with the co-founders, Clint Jones and Brandon Cruz, who started the company in 2001 after individually shopping for health insurance post-college and discovered that finding coverage, and understanding how to use it, was anything but simple.

In 2019, GoHealth was sold to Centerbridge Partners and post-close, NEP retained a rollover investment stake in GoHealth. NEP completed its second-round exit in the company in 2022.

Add-on Acquisition Activity

Connected Benefits (2016)