Eugene, Oregon

Investment Date:
November 1993

Exit Date:
August 2005

Michaels of Oregon

Originally founded as a manufacturer of sling swivels for the gunsmith trade, Michaels of Oregon is a leading manufacturer of hunting, shooting and law enforcement accessories. With brand names such as Uncle Mike’s® and Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement, the company manufactures and distributes holsters, slings, swivels, gun cases, belts, and other hunting, shooting, military and law enforcement gear.

Over the course of NEP’s investment, multiple add-on acquisitions were completed and the company realized successful execution of its growth strategy, resulting in strong earnings growth and an exit multiple of over 2x greater than the initial purchase price.

Michaels of Oregon was sold to Bushnell® Performance Optics in August 2005.

Add-on Acquisition Activity

StoneyPoint Products (2004)
Hoppes (2001)
Butler Creek (1996)