Norwest Equity Partners Featured in Private Equity International Magazine

May 12, 2015

Ask anyone to name the world’s major private equity hotspots, and you’re likely to get answers like New York or London – but probably not Minneapolis. Yet one firm – Norwest Equity Partners – has been in the private equity game longer than the Carlyles and the Blackstones of this world. In fact, Norwest has a 20 year head start on both of them, and Tim DeVries, the current managing general partner at Norwest, has a career that spans the entire length of time that these big name firms have been in business. For all the LPs tracking the firms with the highest profiles and biggest funds, it might be worthwhile to shift focus away from Midtown Manhattan and take a look at what’s happening in the Twin Cities. Perhaps the real oracles of the future might well hail from places like Omaha and Minneapolis.

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