Norwest Equity Partners

Investing in middle market companies since 1961.

Our Mission

As an investment firm with global presence and Midwest roots, our mission is to invest capital and build businesses that create long-term value. Since 1961, we have raised over $5 billion of capital, delivered quality investments, and generated exceptional returns.

Our portfolio companies have ready access to the experience and resources they need to provide enduring products and services, strengthen the economy, and support their communities.

This is a shared mission among our firm and portfolio companies.


Resourceful. Approachable. Versatile.

“While we were partners with Norwest, they allowed existing management to run the company autonomously, while providing valuable input as a board member. When the decision was made to sell Stearns, Norwest was sensitive to management’s desire to find a compatible buyer, not just the buyer with the highest offer.”

David Cook Stearns Manufacturing Company

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