Des Moines, Iowa

Investment Date:
May 2004

Exit Date:
August 2014

Jacobson Companies

Founded in 1968, Jacobson Companies is a leading national third party logistics (3PL) company offering end-to-end supply chain management solutions around the globe. Jacobson provides creative and technology-forward logistics solutions that lead to on-time deliveries, solving complex logistics and customs scenarios and reducing logistics costs for customers.

Over the course of its investment, NEP partnered with Jacobson to develop and execute four add-on acquisitions that helped broaden its customer base, geographic footprint and product offering. Jacobson realized tripled profitability and revenues under NEP’s leadership.

NEP initially sold Jacobson to Oak Hill Capital Partners in June 2007, and at that time, NEP and Jacobson management together rolled over a significant portion of their proceeds resulting in a 20% post-closing ownership position. In August 2014, Jacobson was sold to Norbert Dentressangle, a France-based 3PL services provider.

Add-on Acquisition Activity

Southwest Storage & Distribution (2006)
Arthur Wells Group (2006)
Wilpak (2006)
Bekins Logistics (2005)