Irvine, California

Investment Date:
August 2011

Exit Date:
April 2016

Momentum Group

Founded in 1993, Momentum Group is one of the nation’s leaders in the textile design industry, creating and supplying a variety of sustainable textiles for the commercial interiors industry. Momentum is driven by a culture of continuous improvement that has led to multiple competitive advantages for the Company over the years. Focused on selling products to two types of customers, architecture and design firms and commercial furniture manufacturers, Momentum has built a proven reputation for bringing the most innovative and sustainable products to the market. The Company’s award‐winning, in‐house design team brings advanced technical expertise and broad product development capabilities, both of which help create Momentum’s 100% proprietary products.

NEP invested in Momentum in 2011 and has worked closely together with Roger Arciniega, Momentum CEO, and the management team to more than double EBITDA organically and significantly grow revenue. Over the course of NEP’s investment period, Momentum strategically focused on innovative product development and operational excellence, sales process and tracking enhancements, and expanded marketing efforts.

Momentum was sold to The Riverside Company in April 2016.