Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Investment Date:
October 2003

Exit Date:
August 2006

Paladin Brands

Founded in 1965, Paladin Brands is a leading independent designer, manufacturer and supplier of high quality construction equipment attachments, such as augers, backhoes, trenchers, excavator buckets and mobile shears.

Over the course of its involvement with Paladin, NEP created a leading construction equipment manufacturer covering a variety of industry uses. The company completed seven acquisitions in 16 months while also growing organically; this combination resulted in a five-fold increase in revenues.

NEP sold Paladin to Dover Resources, a subsidiary of Dover Corporation, in August 2006.

Add-on Acquisition Activity

Glenmac (2005)
Sweepster/FFC (2005)
Hartfield Industries (2005)
Genesis Manufacturing (2004)
CAM (2004)
Jewell Manufacturing (2004)
JRB Company (2004)