Atlanta, GA

Investment Date:
June 2018

Exit Date:
August 2021

Wahoo Fitness

Wahoo Fitness is an innovative fitness technology company serving cyclists, triathletes and other endurance athletes. Wahoo Fitness’ portfolio of products includes the KICKR family of Indoor Cycling Trainers, The ELEMNT family of Cycling Computers and the TICKR family of Heart Rate Monitors. The Wahoo Fitness brand is known for innovation, quality and performance and is the choice for elite athletes around the world.

First partnering with Wahoo Fitness in 2018, NEP worked closely with Founder Chip Hawkins to build upon Wahoo Fitness’ already attractive base business within the ever-growing fitness technology market. With its robust offering of highly-differentiated, innovative products and services, Wahoo Fitness is positioned to further establish itself as the premier smart training company.

NEP initially invested in Wahoo Fitness in 2018 and sold a significant portion of its position to the Rhône Group in August 2021.  NEP retains a minority stake in Wahoo Fitness.

Add-on Acquisition Activity

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